With so many colds and flu still in the air, very few of us will escape catching something.

As well as making sure we take good quality immune boosting supplements and ‘superfoods’ Homeopathy can offer support to help our bodies deal with the symptoms and support our general health and well being.

Pulsatilla is one of my ‘go to’ remedies for colds that have symptoms of congestion and thick yellow mucus.

Belladonna helps to bring down temperatures,

Gelsemium is a great flu remedy, for that aching drowsy feeling, which often comes with colds and flu.

Spongia is a great remedy for a ‘barking’ cough and Rumex is good for coughs that are worse as soon as you lie down at night.  No two coughs are the same though, so it can take a keen ear to spot which of the many remedies are best for alleviating cough symptoms!

Don’t forget the importance of supporting your immune system.  This is what protects our bodies each and every day from invading viruses and bacteria. Including a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement will help cover any shortfalls in a daily diet.  Eating as much fresh, whole foods as possible, staying hydrated and avoiding processed foods, which contain additives that compromise and add a strain to our immune system all have a positive effect on our bodies ability to keep viruses away.