I first heard about the Platinum 10 day Transformational Cleanse when a fellow Homeopath introduced me to it as something she was going to do to help drop a bit of weight and lose the need for caffeine and sugar to get through the day!

As a relatively slim person, I’ve never felt the need to undertake a detox to lose weight, but to no longer rely on caffeine and sugar to gain extra energy did resonate with me.  The cleanse also promised that you would gain clarity of thought and any brain fog would lift, leaving your mind to focus on the tasks and thoughts of the day.  This part intrigued me, as I wasn’t wholly sold on the fact that a detox could do this. I was also keen to complete the ten days, purely because my husband was convinced I wouldn’t be able to manage it and go a whole 10 days without a handful of crisps – this was reason enough for me to embark on the cleanse IMMEDIATELY!

The claims of the cleanse were high – improved energy, lose between 5-20lbs, re-set your metabolism and break the addictions to foods such as sugar, wheat and caffeine, alongside giving your body a complete detox and cleanse.

As a company, Platinum offer a £50 gift card to everyone who places their first order, so although the cleanse isn’t cheap (around £200), by deducting the discount and realising you don’t need to buy much food for the 10 days, it isn’t such a bad price.  The products are all non GM, organic and don’t contain the fillers that some products do.  There’s also a gluten free option.

So I ordered my box of goodies: (http://platinumeurope.azurewebsites.net/wisehealth/product/1137x)

  • Hippokrates Green Powder which helps curb cravings and supports healthy blood sugar levels.
  • MAP Amino Acid complex plant proteins that help the body to minimise fat storage.
  • Ionic Element a combination of trace elements and minerals
  • Cracked Cell Chlorella which cleanses the body of heavy metals and supports healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Black Walnut capsules which cleanse the bowel of candida and parasites.
  • Apothe Cherry (tart cherry juice) an anti-oxidant which aids sleep and supports joint function.

Each day I had three power shakes and three meals, eating as much of the various flex foods as I liked (there’s a big list of foods you can add to your daily intake that are nutrient dense fruits and vegetables) and I actually found some days I only had two of the shakes, as I was still full from my last snack (you have something every two hours!)

Days one and two were a bit challenging as I had to get into a new routine of eating, but by day three I was flying and by the end of the cleanse I felt transformed!

I’ve completed the cleanse three times in the last six months and each time I’ve noticed a different positive change to how I feel and how I choose to eat.  EVERYONE notices the changes and more and more people are choosing to join me on the clean, green, nutritious road to health. Drop me an email if you’re ready to join the journey too!