About ME

I’ve always been interested in health and fitness…

…and when my children were young, I decided to turn my love of sport into a profession and became a personal trainer, helping individuals realise their exercise goals.

I soon realised that a person’s health is greatly affected by their underlying physical and emotional health and nutritional status. Without working with the person as a whole, it was often a struggle to gain the benefits that just exercising regularly should achieve.

A chance meeting with a Homeopath, at this time, encouraged me to study the therapy for the next four years and it was the turning point in the health of both myself and my family.  


I’ve continued to add strings to my bow over the years, and have included Bioresonance therapy as a form of diagnostic technology. I’ve also gained nutritional qualifications to give me a greater working knowledge – this is on top of the sports nutrition I already had experience in. 

Homeobotanicals were added to my practice in 2016 and have been a very popular with patients looking to improve their physical and emotional health.

Alongside my practice work, I am also a tutor for The College of Practical Homeopathy and supervise Homeopathy students from countries around the world!

I am a member of the Complimentary Medical Association.


When my children were younger they sometimes complained that they never had a day off sick from school, because they were never ill (I did give in to the odd duvet day though!).


Whether you are a student of Homeopathy or newly qualified, having the support of a practicing Homeopath is an essential element as you find your feet. I’ve been supervising and mentoring students and newly qualified Homeopaths for The College of Practical Homeopathy for over 5 years and really enjoy developing the skills and confidence of the students I work with.

Teaching is an important part of my role. Each month I run an online tutorial group, allowing students to come together and discuss all things Homeopathy. We have a set subject to discuss each month, with time after to open up the discussion to support each other within the group. 

If you would like to know more about either one to one supervision or the tutorial groups, please feel free to drop me a line.

Happy Clients

A few more words of appreciation from happy clients.
Thanks for sharing!

All through life I’ve suffered from multiple allergies and struggled to gain any sort of long term relief as I wasn’t entirely sure what caused the symptoms.  Thanks to your magic machine to identify the cause and a combination of your tincture and remedies, my days are symptom free.”


Edenbridge, Elegant Themes

I’ve been suffering from anxiety and night terrors for a number of months. Sophie gave me some remedies to calm my nerves and to help me sleep.  Within a week I was sleeping through the night and feeling calmer during the day.  I’m so grateful for your help.



Sophie has been treating myself and my family for a number of years, using Homeopathy, Bioresonance and nutritional support.  She has helped us to make a very positive change to our health and well-being. Sophie’s support extends beyond the appointment time allocated and nothing is too much trouble.



I’m not sure what you put in your potions, but they work!  I’ve suffered with hay fever all my life, but 48 hours after taking your remedies I’m symptom free.”



I began seeing Sophie for symptoms relating to menopause, following a hysterectomy.  My symptoms were quite severe when I began treatment, but after taking a course of remedies over a period of 2-3 months, my symptoms were alleviated and my energy returned.  To date 6 months later, I rarely suffer from hot flushes and continue to feel well.



I feel fantastic!  For the first time in almost a year I have energy and my migraines have gone.  My skin looks better and I can finally sleep.  Thank you so much for giving me my life back.”


Hurst Green

I first visited Sophie for help with balancing my hormones, but this progressed to help me on an emotional level too.  I’m so pleased I went to see her, I feel normal again!.”



Your tinctures are magic!  My son has had a cough quite literally from birth, but within days of taking the remedy it’s almost gone.  He can now play outside with his friends without becoming breathless.  Thank you so much!



Sophie treated me for severe nausea during the first trimester of my third pregnancy.  I felt dreadful and wanted to sleep all the time.  Taking the remedies Sophie prescribed greatly reduced my nausea and made me feel more human again.  I will definitely be consulting Sophie again to rebalance my hormones after the birth of my child.



Sophie has helped me and my family through some difficult  and often stressful times.  She is always at the end of the telephone with a listening ear, and allows time to fully ascertain each situation before deciding which remedies are appropriate.  She is efficient, trustworthy and down to earth.  An excellent Homeopath!




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